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Show and tell: membership criteria

To join Dublin Climbers and Mountaineers (DCAM) you must:

  1. Be 18 or older.

  2. Have the following capabilities and, if requested, be prepared to demonstrate them at a sport climbing wall:

    • tie a rope to your harness using a rethreaded figure-of-eight knot,

    • safely belay a lead climber and safely catch the lead climber’s falls,

    • safely lead climb, regardless of grade.

  3. Be approved by the DCAM committee.

  4. Become a member of the national governing body Mountaineering Ireland (MI) on joining, or already be an MI member.

  5. Have paid the relevant DCAM and MI membership fees.

If you think that you can fulfill the above criteria and would like to join, please contact us.


We're affiliated to MI, so all DCAM members must either become members of MI on joining, or already be members of MI. This is for insurance reasons and a range of other beneficial reasons.

You can either be: 

  • A “full member” of DCAM:

    • Pay a DCAM membership fee and pay your MI membership fee via DCAM. 

  • An “associate member” of DCAM:

    • Pay a DCAM membership fee, but pay your MI membership fee via a different club.

DCAM membership fee

The DCAM membership fee is €15 (excluding MI membership fee) regardless of your personal circumstances.

MI membership fee

The MI membership fee varies by age, but when paid via DCAM it is less than the MI membership fee if you join MI as an individual (€41.60).

DCAM membership year

Our membership year is identical to MI's membership year: it's from November 1st to October 31st of the next year.

Payment due to DCAM

The table below outlines the payment due to DCAM, and the DCAM and MI membership fees, for the membership year 1 November to 31 October:

MI fee paid for memb. year?
Total due to DCAM for memb. year (a+b)
DCAM memb. fee portion (a)
MI memb. fee portion (b)
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